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We would like to share a great article with you on cleaning your fridge. Just follow these easy steps and your fridge is going to be sparkling clean! Minutes 1 to 2: Unplug the refrigerator. Slide a coil brush underneath the unit’s kick plate (the rectangular panel just above the floor) to remove dust. Minutes…»

make it sparkle! This great article will guide through each step you and your stove will be shining in no time! Spray Grates Take off grates, griddles, and other removable parts. Should you have serious burned-on spills, place parts on a newspaper outside or in a well-ventilated area and spray with a commercial oven cleaner,…»

We all have to fight them from time to time. I came across a really good article and would like to share it with you. stain and smell removal I hope there is something in it for you!

We don’t blame you! Very few people like it. Check out this video, and the ironing will be forgotten!

Food, grease, drips and streaks can get in between the glass panes in a variety of ways. Sometimes it drips down through vents in the top of the door. Grease from the oven can travel through steam vapors into the door where they settle leaving spots and streaks. Removing anything from in between the glass…»

If you have noticed that your clean clothes smell like mildew even after you wash them, keep reading. May be your front loading washing machine need some attention. The drums on washing machines, top and front loaders, spin around a centripetal force – the water spins outward from the center, exiting through the holes on…»

Our customers often ask us what can be done to use their appliances more efficiently. Here are some tips and hints to help you. Each week we are going to publish a new article , so stay tuned! Using Front Load Washers Front load washing machines provide superior wash results compared to top load machines….»

Clothes dryers are pretty straightforward devises. They have a few basic mechanical parts, a heating element, and a set of electrical devices that control the various cycles and safety functions. Gas dryers are a little different from electric models, using a somewhat more complicated gas-fired heating system instead of an element, but otherwise, many parts…»