Jan 15

How to Clean Inside Double Glass Oven Doors

Food, grease, drips and streaks can get in between the glass panes in a variety of ways. Sometimes it drips down through vents in the top of the door. Grease from the oven can travel through steam vapors into the door where they settle leaving spots and streaks. Removing anything from in between the glass pieces will be a challenge. Here are a few methods that have been successful.

Disassembling the door:

*Disassembling the door yourself will void the warranty and may require a service technician to repair any damage or put the door back together. It is recommended that a service technician complete this for you. It is not recommended that you disassemble the door yourself.

You will need:

• Glass cleaner
• Soft cloths
• Glass stovetop cleaner

Steps to Remove the Glass:

1 Make an appointment with a service technician to remove the glass from the door. Do not hesitate to call A plus Appliances at 415 513 8624 to help you out
2 Use glass cleaner to remove as much of the debris as possible.
3 For tougher stains and food debris, use a glass stovetop cleaner to aid with removal.
4 Once the stains and debris are removed, allow the service technician to reassemble the door.Cleaning Through the Door Vents

When the glass cannot be removed or is no longer covered by the warranty, there are other, more creative, ways that can be used to clean it.

Steps to Clean Between the Glass:
1 Some ovens have small vents along the bottom or top of the door. These vents go in between the glass (and are likely part of the problem with other materials getting in there as well). By inserting a towel on a long-handled stick, you can gently clean between the glass without disassembling the door.First, find the vents on the door if you have them.
2 It may be easier to remove the door from the hinges and lay it flat on the floor. Many oven doors simply lift right off of the hinges, others will require loosening a few screws first. Replacing the door should be easy to do at the end of the cleaning and will not void the warranty.
3 Start by choosing a long-handled cleaning tool. There are a variety of options available, so be creative.
4 Secure a towel or soft cloth (long socks work well) to the handle with duct tape or other strong tape. Make sure it’s well fastened so it doesn’t come off and become stuck in the door.
5 Moisten the towel or soft cloth with the window cleaner or other cleaning product.
6 Insert the cleaning tool through the vents.
7 Move the cloth back and forth to remove the debris from between the glass.
8 Remove the cloth.
9 Repeat with a clean cloth until all of the debris is gone.
10. Replace the door on the oven and enjoy the clear, clean view.