Jan 14

Maximize your appliances potential

Our customers often ask us what can be done to use their appliances more efficiently. Here are some tips and hints to help you. Each week we are going to publish a new article , so stay tuned!

Using Front Load Washers
Front load washing machines provide superior wash results compared to top load machines. The clothes look newer longer, and you save money because they use less water, detergent and energy ( so you can buy more clothes)
Sorting and loading the clothes correctly will provide the best results when used with a detergent approved for “HE” High Efficiency washers.
Separate clothes that shed lint (chenille and terrycloth) from clothes that attract lint (synthetics, corduroy, velveteen).
Pilling, which can look like lint, is produced by normal wear on cotton/polyester blend fabrics. To reduce pilling, wash these fabrics inside out, using the delicate wash cycle.
To prevent “yellowing” of whites, use the hottest recommended temperature for each type of load.
Retain the dark or bright colors by washing in cool or cold water.
Read the labels on the clothing for recommended wash cycles, a simple but often overlooked tip.
Use Color Catcher to prevent clothes staining each other.