Mar 13

Tips for choosing a new refrigerator

A refrigerator is one of the major appliances at your home and you really want to choose it wisely – it’s going to last you for years. How to chose the right one from the sea of brands and models available on the market today? Keep reading and we hope our guide will help you in your decision.

Measure the area where you intend to put your fridge. You have to measure the hight, width and depth and please keep in mind there should be enough space to open the door.
Decide on the capacity of your fridge – how many cubic feet of the storage space you want or need. This goes hand in hand with your outside measurements.
Fridges come in side by side, freezer on the top or freezer on the bottom versions. Chose the best for you. Just a note: side by side fridges use more energy than other models. If you go for a top or bottom freezer models, you have to know on which side you want the door to open
Make a little research: compare the brands and features they provide in a particular model you set your mind on. Fridges are expensive, so the price is also an important factor to consider.
Think about the variety of food you usually buy and store in a fridge. E.g. if you buy milk in gallons, look for wide shelves on the door to accommodate them.
Also think about the shelves inside: they can be of adjustable hight, flexible space, full-width or split. You also have a choice of build-in or removable racks option.
Depending on your family use of ice or water, you’ll chose a model with ice and water dispenser or an automatic ice maker.
Look at the energy guide labels. The smaller the number is, the less energy the fridge uses.
Ask about the warranty, what is covered and if the warranty is included in the price.
Once you have found the fridge you want, shop around for the best price. Ask about sales, rebates or any money saving offers. Also make sure to find out the delivery terms.
We hope you’ll find our article useful. Happy Shopping!
Written by J. Martin.