Mar 13

Washing machine buying guide

A washing machine has become an extremely useful appliance in any home. With hectic lifestyle people don’t get enough time to do laundry. Washing machine takes the burden off your shoulders. If you have a washing machine, you don’t need to wash those dirty clothes with your hands. It saves your time, energy and your hands from the effect of harsh detergents.
The cost of a washing machine is one of the most important things you consider when you plan to buy one, but you also need to think about the type of washing machine that is the best for your household. Every brand manufactures different types of washing machines and they all come in different models, sizes and with different features. We hope that this short article will educate you a little bit on the washing machines and you will be able to chose the one you like easily.

 There are two types of washing machines available in the market: semi automatic and fully automatic. Semi automatic washing machines have been quite popular among the middle class consumers right from the time of their introduction. These washing machines involve some amount of manual work as it is suggested by their name. There are two chambers in this top loading machine: one is for washing and rinsing the clothes and other one is for spin drying the clothes. Once the clothes are washed and rinsed in the washer, they need to be transferred manually to the dryer unit. This washing machine suits the needs of people who want to save detergent, water and electricity. Semi automatic washing machine prices are relatively very low compared to fully automatic washing machines. 

 Should you decide on fully automatic washing machines, you will not need to perform any manual work except for putting the clothes into the machine and pressing a button. These machines have a single unit for all the tasks like washing, rinsing and drying. Fully automatic washing machines fall into two categories: top loading and front loading. If compared to top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines are much more efficient. Front loading fully automatic washing machine is a bit pricier than top loading fully automatic washing machine. 

 You can always find a model, type and brand that suits your needs and is within your budget. Now when you know a bit more on washing machines, we wish you happy shopping!